Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Where I've been & shout out to Sister Girl Presents Inc!!

It has taken me such a long time to get back to writing on this blog. This doesn't mean I haven't been online or manning the field of African Philanthropy or for that matter Philanthropy as it stands. I have...but man its been hard to get back on here. Not being able to write has also been affected by my personal health issues...still recovering from back surgery in 2008 and finally getting married this past December. My world has been spinning. I think this is all I can say...I have said it I have confessed it. I hope that in telling on myself I will now be shamed into writing..if this is even possible. So here I am announcing that I am back to use this forum to share the story of philanthropic activity in the Diaspora by Africans and Africanist.

Its a crazy time we live in and frankly confusing for me and maybe for you. What does this have to do with philanthropy? A lot. Can you be philanthropic during difficult times? Can you think about "home" thousands of miles away when your "current home" is almost on fire? Funny enough it is in these difficult times that people need more and in effect give more to those in need. The ways or vehicles that people use for their giving tends to change..but giving in and of itself remains an important aspect of our daily lives, especially those of us from the Diaspora.

What have you done these few months to give of yourself, your time or your talent? Have you given in your normal ways..to organizations, charities or whatever??? Have you given at church, a soup kitchen or to family and friends struggling? Or have you organized a charity event like Carrinne M Cooper in support of Liberian orphans through the organization Sister Girl Presents Inc. ?

With no prior Non Profit experience and a determination to bring a vision to pass, Sister Girl Presents organized their first Christmas Concert on December 12, 2009 in Takoma Park, MD. In their first concert and event Sister Girl Present raised $3,251.00 in support of orphans and the organizations that care for them in post conflict Liberia. The organization has raised close to $6000.00 towards their overall organizations goals. If you are interested in learning more about this organization or supporting their efforts please feel free check out their website and make an online contribution. Check them out on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=128800575670. The organization is now in the process of nominating An Orphan Project To Receive Raised Funds in 2010...check out the website and send in the name of an organization you think is doing great work in Liberia for the countries most vulnerable.

With so much happening in our world today I do continue to wonder what are we doing as individuals or as a community to keep supporting our communities of origin. If you know about philanthropic work that you would like profiled or connected in the world of philanthropy please let me know. I would love to profile them on the blog.

Happy New Year people of the world~

*More about Sister Girl presents " a new social service charity founded in 2009 is motivated by the Spirit of God to praise, fundraise and provide assistance to the orphans of Liberia, West Africa. SGP, a non-denominational Christian-based organization seeks to develop a successful and viable program to help orphans thrive and develop to be successful citizens, taking their place in society as productive and contributing members. In total dedication to the orphans of Liberia, our goal is to bring lasting solutions that meet the children's spiritual, physical and educational needs.Our spiritual objective is to identify select orphanages, individual orphans, schools and/or other organizations with orphans in need and to provide support in food stipends, clothing, shelter upkeep, school fees, school supplies, medical access and church mission participation."